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Experience Veronique quality

Italian manufacturer and wholesale customer

“Originally, you learned from the Italians. But now it is time for us, the Italians, to learn from you."

Our strengths


Focus on user experience

A major strength we have is our focus on and ability to think like the end-user. When we develop pieces, we think about how the end-user may interact with jewelry. This includes different aspects from convenience to security to feeling to beauty. This drives us to constantly strengthen our ability to understand and develop for end-users, thus pieces that resonate.


Design house

With over 80+ years of collective experience, our teams have been able to be on the forefront of design. We are able to use expertise in understanding trends and beauty, combined with our 100+ person development team, to generate thousands of designs. Our design capabilities have translated to helping both us and our customers grow. 


Technology partner

Core to our organization has been utilizing and improving on technologies. In addition to our own internal R&D, Veronique Oro Corp. has been an integral partner to customers when it comes to technological innovation. This has been done via customers bringing their own ideas and collaborating with us to manufacture the best, most innovative pieces. 


King of mechanism jewelry

Veronique Oro Corp. has brought a certain renaissance to an existing category, mechanism jewelry. Through a dedication to innovation and quality, we have been able to lead the resurgence of this category. We are now considered the best quality manufacturer of mechanism jewelry in the world. 


Contact information


50 West 47th Street Suite 1610
New York, NY 10036

M-F 9:30 AM - 6 PM EST

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